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Individual Counseling

Health and Nutrition Counseling is an individualized experience that is completely confidential and focused on YOU!  Together, we will explore your health concerns and create a program that will inspire and reinvent your wellness.  By making simple, yet powerful adjustments, you will experience dramatically improved health, stamina, and enjoyment in all aspects of your lifestyle. Our intention is to transform your relationship with food and environment to give you confidence and the skills to create the life you deserve. 

Through individual counseling you will:
• Rebalance the body and address your health concerns
• Learn what optimal health means and how you can achieve lifelong success
• Restore and replenish essential nutrients vital for life
• Achieve a healthy weight normally and naturally
• Explore new foods and tastes
• Feel better and see your energy increase
• Reduce your likelihood of disease
• Understand and eliminate binges and reduce cravings permanently
• Create a lifestyle that allows you to be yourself in all social situations 

Group Counseling

A group nutrition program works very much like an individual program, but the group is often formed by you.  For example, we are often asked to provide nutritional counseling to parent-teacher groups, girl or boy scout troops, recovery groups, bible studies and so much more. 

Sometimes individuals will be placed into a group that best meets their needs which may range from general wellness to specific dietary restrictions or medical conditions. The group will be led by us and will generally meet on a bi-weekly basis for 3 months. At these meetings, we address concerns that are relevant to the group and discover what you need for a life of balance and optimal wellness. The program limits the number of participants in order to allow ample time to discuss everyone's progress and answer questions.

 What will I get out of the group program?
• Learn how to effectively reduce cravings
• Discover which foods are right for your body
• Find out how to shop affordably and nutritiously
• Gather recipes and product guidance
• Understand and reduce triggers to emotional eating
• Create meal plans that work for you
• Implement simple, effective ways to reduce your stress
• Obtain information on foods that will increase your energy
• Learn how lifestyle choices play an important role in your health and energy
• Receive support and guidance in a group setting 

Corporate Wellness

It is all too common that people link their levels of stress, unhappiness and hardship to their jobs. It makes sense too because most Americans work 45+ hours per week away from home. We believe that working should be pleasurable, satisfying and a place where values can be aligned to those at home. There are many advantages to keeping employees healthy, including fewer absences, increased productivity, fewer employee complaints, lower benefits costs and much more. A job should produce and encourage happiness and healthy habits. Successful wellness programs integrate wellness and health-consciousness in the workplace.  

Sarah and Mike have over 50 years of combined Corporate experience, prior to the creation of Reinventing Wellness. Our passion for health, nutrition and fitness allows us to understand first-hand how stress and a busy lifestyle can affect the health of your employees. We are compassionate of the continual needs of people and provide valuable learning, development and other strategic solutions to meet individual and business goals, customized for your organization.  

We offer many services including:  

• Catering for special business functions  

• Lunch-and-Learn education hours  

• Healthy cooking demonstrations and classes  

• Individual and group nutritional counseling  

• Health & Wellness Seminars     

Additional Services

  • Electrodermal Screening to detect energy imbalances along meridians 
  • Food Intolerance and Hormone Testing
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Raw Food Certification classes
  • Cooking and Living Foods classes: one-on-one or group 
  • Home visit and pantry “de-junking”
  • In-home cooking demonstrations and coaching
  • Customized meal plan design

Toxin Reduction Workshops

Learn about how to reduce your toxic load by making simple and effective changes in your personal products and home.  Sarah will come to your home and educate you and your guests how to become an educated consumer so that you can avoid products that claim they are healthy, but contain ingredients that should be avoided at all costs.

Please see the Resources Page for a link to PUREhaven Essentials for safe products.